La ferme de la Villière

CHARLES: Children of the cities and the Loire Valley

CATHERINE: The daughter of a farmer whose two previous generations have lived and worked in the eighteenth century farmhouse.

We took over in 1983 by choosing, after training at the Rambouillet Sheep, devote ourselves to raising a breed of sheep originating in the former province of Maine: The Red West

Since then, our career has diversified with the direct sale of organic lamb and open guest room and the creation of the workshop wool duvets


"A sheep shorn, God tempers the wind>> and sometimes Villière, it blows hard! ..

<< A brebis tondue, Dieu mesure le vent >> et parfois à la Villière, il souffle fort ! ...

Who are we ?


Charles et Catherine


L a V i l l i è r e

72140 LE GREZ

Tél : 02 43 20 13 76

06 11 82 00 98

GPS coordinates:

0°9'23''W - 48°10'54''N




Organic sheep


Room and breakfast

Wool quilt

Who are we?

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